Replacing Cabinets vs Painting Cabinets

If you are among the millions of people considering remodeling their kitchen, then I’m sure that you have seen a few YouTube videos or remodeling shows about kitchen remodeling. Choosing what is best for you, either replacing cabinets or painting them, may not have crossed your mind as an option. So, let’s see if we can help with what we have seen in homes we have worked at.

How do you decide between replacing cabinets and Painting cabinets? Let’s dig in to this one! I am just using the kitchen we just finished as an example.

How Much Will It Cost to Replace Cabinets?

What is will cost to replace your cabinets is a question that is a bit more complicated than just money, what does that mean?

  • what is the cost of demolition?
  • will there be wall damage?
  • are you going to have to have electrical work done?
  • does the flooring have to be redone?
  • do new cabinets fit in the same space? ie soffits
  • will your countertop have to be replaced?
  • can you use your existing sinks?
  • new lighting?
  • time without a sink, kitchen appliances, etc.

That is a long list, so what does that mean? Well, the cabinets coming out, floors being worked in, repairs, items ordered, and installed all mean that you could be two weeks to 4 months with a construction zone in your home. We have seen it!

So all of the above is not a dollar cost but a cost for your time, stress, and aggravation. The money part on a low-end kitchen can start at $15,000- and we have witnessed up to $75,000! It all depends on what you want. In our house, a decent vanity alone was 1100! So if you have 16 cabinet boxes, that is over $16,000 just for the cabinets.

So, What is the Cost to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

In the video above, we painted the oak cabinets. What we did (the shortlist)

  • cleaned the cabinets
  • masked the floor
  • covered the tile and counters
  • removed and painted closet door
  • filled in 1 layer of grain
  • sanded primer smooth
  • sprayed the 2nd coat primer
  • sprayed the top coat

This kitchen was about $3700, and the customers lost access to their kitchen for one night. There is a HUGE difference from the carnage of demotion. Here is another link to a blog we did on cost to paint cabinets.

How to decide…

That is a tough decision to make, and I feel for you. We have had similar choices to make, so the choice of Replacing Cabinets vs Painting Cabinets can be challenging, but it just depends on what options you have; if your cabinets are in good shape- then just paint them!

Once you start getting estimates, you will get a better understanding on which way you will decide to go.

If and when you have questions, feel free to reach out; we are here to help.


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