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Painting a Ceiling with Metallic Paint

Written by David | December 18, 2017

Have you ever thought about painting a ceiling with metallic paint? You should!

Here is an image of a customer’s home that has a dome ceiling. The dome has flat white paint. Flat white paint is just flat boring.  Use metallic paint.

metallic paint on ceiling - interior painting

A ceiling with flat white paint that’s getting ready for metallics

2nd floor view of dome ceiling

Flat white dome from the 2nd floor

The first thing was to paint a base color. The goal is a bright gold textured ceiling.

Color selection:

  • Pegan gold
  • Olympic gold
  • Metallic plum

interior painting - base coat for metallic paint

base coat for metallic interior paint

2nd-floor view of base color for metallics

I used a flat gold tone to set up metallics to pop!

As you can see, the simple gold-tone paint was used to set up the metallic gold paint to really stand out.

Step two is adding the first layer of pagan gold paint. I used a roller to get a nice even coat on the ceiling.  Once dry a sponge gets wet, then sponged another coat of pagan gold for some texture and movement.

pagan gold - dfranco painting elgin il

Two coats of pagan gold

2 coats of mettallic paint

Pagan gold applied

Add a Contrast Color

Our next step is to add metallic plum for some contrast.  Use a wet sponge to make sure the paint flows and really moves. No patterns-create a feeling of movement.

metallic plum paint - painting your ceiling

Metallic plum

metallic paint on ceiling dome

another view of the 2nd color

With two colors you can start to see depth and interest evolving. Sure beats flat white.

Sometimes it gets hard to see where you are at when working on a ceiling. If you don’t have a spotter to help you, get down and look at your work. The customer liked the look but just needed more gold. So back to it! With our wet sponge, we applied a layer of Olympic gold.

3 layer metallic gold paint

Adding color 3-Olympic gold

metallic gold paint on ceiling dome

Another view of the 3rd color

A picture is worth 1,000 words. Accent lighting was turned on so we could see the final work. It just screams “Look at me.”

gold painted ceiling - interior home painting

3 color wash lit up

metallic gold ceiling lit up

All that glitters sure is gold

That is all there is to it! Some scaffolding, sponges, metallic paint, and patience.

Where can we apply a 3-color metallic paint job in your home? Give us a call and let us see how this can help you love the house you live in!

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