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Painting over glazed cabinets

Written by David | July 30, 2019

Are you tired of your glazed cabinets? Then it is time to consider painting over glazed cabinets.

We have just completed painting a kitchen in Downers Grove, IL where the kitchen cabinets were antique white with a black glaze. The homeowner and the designer decided to go solid white to give the kitchen a whole new look. Add to that, new counter tops and hardware and it really was a transformation.

Will the paint stick to glazed cabinets?

Some time ago we did a post about fixing problems with painted cabinets. These address the top issues we see when cabinets have been painted. Aside from these issues, glazed cabinets are just like a regular painted cabinet. The prep work for a glazed cabinet is the same as a stained or previously painted cabinet door.

  • All the doors must be cleaned.
  • The doors must be scuff sanded.
  • Doors must be sanitized.
  • Surfaces will need to be given a bonding primer and sealer.
  • Finally, the paint is applied.

Will it last? Yes…BUT—always a but—cabinets are wood. Paint is paint. Take into account the above referenced blog article when you want cabinets painted.

  • Consider if you have kids. Toys running into the wood cabinets will cause the wood to dent and paint to chip.
  • Animals that chew wood will also be able to chew corners of doors, drawers or cabinet corners. (We have fixed those.)
  • Your cleaning crew cannot run the vacuum under the cabinets and hit the kick plates under the cabinets or hit the bottom edges of the cabinets with the metal hose and think there will be no damage. (Those don’t get fixed.)

What colors can I pick?

This answer is our customers’ favorite—any color can be selected. Any color! Now, just like painting your walls…dark colors will take some extra steps such as a deep base or grey primer.  So there may be extra tint or material charges due to the colors, but if they make the paint…we can paint it.

Is there a big difference in glazed vs painted cabinets?

When we are painting cabinets that will be glazed, the difference is cost and layers. Glazed cabinets require:

  • Primer
  • Paint
  • Application of glaze
  • Removal of glaze
  • Then a top coat over the glaze

When we paint a cabinet:

  • Primer
  • Paint

Each has the same life span, same durability, same materials. Expect to pay 30% more to glaze.

As far as looks, a picture is worth a thousand words…

paint vs glazed cabinets

The difference between a glazed cabinet and painted cabinet.

So what are you waiting for?

If you have glazed cabinets and are thinking of getting them painted, then give us a call, send us a text and we will get out to you for an estimate.

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