Wallpaper in your Bathroom

It is a question and a statement- Wallpaper in your bathroom.

We are asked daily, Can I wallpaper my bathroom? We tell people daily, yes you can wallpaper your bathroom. There are several things to consider when choosing wallpaper for you bathroom. We hope to answer your questions so you can make the decision easier for you.

So, can I have wallpaper in my Bathroom?

Yes, you can (but then again you may not). So what condition is your bathroom in? If you have peeling paint or mold, you may have moisture issues that could prevent a successful wallpaper installation.  You may need ventilation if you don’t have it already.

Choosing the right wallpaper is the best reason you will have a successful install. Several factors to consider:

  • Grasscloth is one wallpaper that you cannot clean. If the wallpaper is not color fast, (that means the ink doesn’t run) don’t use it in the bathroom.
  • Any commercial vinyl is a solid choice for areas with moisture, dampness, or water exposure.
  • Wallpaper that is paper holds up pretty well also, but checking the instructions will make sure you are on your way to wallpaper bliss!

Will the wallpaper fall off my walls?

Will it? No. Can it? Yes. That is the honest and and awkward answer.  What can cause a faulty installation?

  • The walls not being in good condition
  • Walls not primed or sealed correctly
  • Wrong adhesive being used
  • Selected wallpaper not suitable for water or humid exposure.

A successful installation addresses the above issues so there will not be a problem with wallpaper peeling, falling or otherwise coming off the wall.

Have you installed wallpaper in bathrooms before?

Yes we have! Bathroom installations account for 50% of the wallpaper installations we perform. Some are just powder rooms which gives you more options when choosing a wallpaper.  Here are the last few we installed:


powder room wallpaper install
powder room wallpaper

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powder room wallpaper
same powder room different view



grasscloth wallpaper - powder room wallpaper
here is a panoramic view of a grasscloth wallpaper in a powder room

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wallpaper in bathrooms
this is a 36 inch paper and vinyl wallpaper in a full bathroom


How much will it cost me?

Aside from if and how, cost is the next biggest question. You can expect at least $480 for us to come out and install wallpaper in your bathroom/powder room.

You will receive:

  • Walls sanded as needed for smooth
  • Any holes repaired
  • All adhesive and primers for the job
  • All labor to install the wallpaper

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We can’t wait to help you love your home and office spaces!


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