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Using wallpaper to accent walls in your home

Written by David | July 26, 2021

Is wallpaper still a thing? Do people really still want wallpaper? Yes and YES!!

You can always paint rooms in your home with different colors.  How about Using Wallpaper to accent walls in your home? Contrary to what you may hear, the use of wallpaper is one of the oldest ways to decorate homes! No scoffing allowed today. In a recent trip to Charleston, SC, we visited the Nathaniel Russel historic house. In that home was recreated wallpaper and some restored wallpaper that predated the civil war!!

wallpaper from Nathaniel Russel home
wallpaper from Nathanial Russel home
Nathaniel Russell House wallpaper
here is the whole room from the historic nathan Russel home in South carolina

Accent walls of wallpaper

You may or may not have seen posts we have made before about using wallpaper in your home. If you have, great! However if you have not, then keep reading to see if we can spark some ideas for you.

Powder Rooms

In powder rooms, single walls of accent wallpaper are gaining momentum for sure!

accent wallpaper in powder room
accent wall of wallpaper in a powder room


Wallpaper as an accent behind the bed.

before wallpaper installation
BEFORE: Here is a a single wall before wallpaper
after wallpaper installation
AFTER: Wallpaper accent behind a bed

Dining Rooms

A accent wall of wallpaper for a dining room:

before wallpaper - wallpaper installers geneva
BEFORE: dining room accent wall
wallpaper installation elgin il
AFTER: dining room with an accent wall of wallpaper

Commercial wallpaper accent walls

This is a quick and simple example of a single wall commercial wallpaper with a mural for a commercial space.

commercial wallpaper installation before
commercial accent wallpaper
after commercial wallpaper installation
commercial wallpaper accent wallpaper

Another great example of a wallpaper mural used for an accent wall. We also did a blog post on commercial wallpaper you can read more about here: Using wallpaper murals to improve your workspace.

before wallpaper mural
Getting ready for a wallpaper mural accent on a white wall
wallpaper mural - commercial wallpaper
A single accent wall- no more white walls here! Great accent wallpaper wall

Yet one more example of using commercial wallpaper to accent a wall

commercial wall with no wallpaper
Commercial wall with no wallpaper
commercial wallpaper accent wall
Commercial wallpaper used for an accent wall

What kind of wallpaper accent walls do you want?

There is almost no limit. Imagine the fun you can have!

  • Grasscloth accent wallpaper
  • A custom designed mural for your home or office
  • Commercial wallpaper design for your home
  • Wallpaper geometric patters
  • Traditional wallpaper patterns of florals

All you have to do is find what wallpaper you want installed and leave the rest to us. We will show you how using wallpaper to accent walls in your home is a great way to bring some pop in your home!

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