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Top 4 problems with Interior Painting

Written by David | June 5, 2024

You are on google and have searched for a painter near me. You decided to seach for a painter with google maps (my favorite way to search) You have found a list of paint contractors to help you with your interior house painting project. But now you have questions and find your self stuck. We are going to talk about the Top 4 problems with Interior Painting we encounter.

But you may have other questions like:

  • Which Painter should I call?
  • How do I know if I can trust the Painters?
  • What are they not telling me?
  • How do I pick paint colors?
  • How much will it cost to paint my house?
  • Can you fit in my schedule?

These questions are the most common questions we are asked when people call to get a paint estimate. We are going to dive into the Top 4 problems with interior Painting today, and you can go to our FAQ’s about interior painting here..

FAQ's about interior painting

Why are these cracks showing up where I just painted?

Fixing cracks in ahome is very common. Almost ever house has cracks in the drywall. These can happend for a variety of reasons such as:

  • nails were used and now drwall popped loose
  • the drywall tape was not secured before mud work was done
  • corner beads pops away from the corner due to being hit or coming loose
  • the house settles
  • water damage causes drywall damage

Each of these drywall isses can be fixed, some of them may come back- just a warning. We repaired a house with drywall settling- nails were coming out. We used a box of screws to re secure the drywall, but the drywall was kind of “bent”, so even after all the screws, the dywall tried to go back to the saging, so we had screws that stayed put- but drywall broke though it. It can happen..We did go back and fix it, part of our warranty.

Can I get a painter to fit our Schedule?

Schedules are the most difficult part of our job (colors are yours typically) Schedules can be broke into 3 pain points :

  • Should I paint before moving in? (click to learn more)
  • Should I paint before selling? (Click to read more)
  • I am not sure if I can be here with my work schedule
  • When should I paint if other work is taking place?

Lets start easy.. Painitng should be the last thing you have done in your home remodeling or home improvement.

Work schdules are actually very easy to work around. Typically, we do a walk through day 1 with our project manager, then arrrange times that work best for you.

Painting before selling or moving in we do a decent amount of. It has become a joke in many ways- “We do more to sell than we did to live here!” Paint before movingin is great as it can save you money as we have to move nothing out of the way. Painting before selling helps potential buys reduce objections but can also get you more money! (read more here)

How do I pick Colors for our home?

Color selection to paint a home for me is painful! I hate it. So we decided to help you with that problem in several ways.

  • Any Paint job over $3,000 comes with a free in home color consult from a interior designer. Any color from any company is available
  • JC licht color consult, they are about $120.00 (our cost) but come with $60 voucher for paint but you will only see Benjamin Mooore colors
  • SHerwin Williams Color snap app! use pics to see your colors! (they are Sherwin colors or colors they have preloaded fyi)

How much will it cost to paint?

Loaded question of the day. I will tell you up front that we cannot compete with a small independed painter. We will be 25% more than any small or independent painter. The hell you say?!?!? (people have said that to us lol) We have to cover more overhead:

  • a shop for cabinet spraying
  • vans to and from jobs site
  • medical insurance for employees
  • liability and work comp- they are 10-15% of the extra- we protect you!
  • decicated project manager for your project
  • inside accounting and billing representtive
  • (every job we sell- we donate a % to a camper! You will be sending a youth to camp cedar events- making a permanent differnce in a childs life– we call it painting with purpose

So cost to paint.. Our minimun is $689. We just bid a home in dell webb, 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen, living room, dining, room, laundry rooom, garage and closets, painting everything- walls, ceilings, doors, door frames, wainscotting, for $8345, with paint. We feel that was great number, but we lost it to a small independent painter that did it for less money. It happens.

Saldy we cannot paint for everyone- plenty of work for everyone is what we say!

How can we help you with your paint project?

With our team of interior painters, exterior painters, cabinet painting, and wallpaper services, we have the right people to help you with your home or business painting project.

We are located in HUntley, IL but serve areas such as Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Gilberts, Elgin, South Elgin, Hampshire. Let us know if we did nt name your area- we are here to help youlove the space you’re in!

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