Top 3 Problems with Painted Cabinets

June 13, 2024 | Written by David

Top 3 Problems with Painted Cabinets As we work with home owners that are looking to improve their Kitchen, we often are selected to paint kitchen cabinets. Painting kitchen cabinets is the best way to improve the look and feel of your kitchen without a doubt. But I want to…

  • Cost to paint the exterior of a Victorian house in Elgin

    May 30, 2024 | Written by David

    You have a older Victorian home in Elgin. Your house needs to be painted. Most of these homes are pre 1979 which means they have lead. So now you find yourself asking what is the cost to paint the exterior of a Victorian house. I have not had a older…

  • How much will it cost to paint the exterior of a home?

    May 29, 2024 | Written by David

    We are typically asked this by 1st time home owners who have just bough a house and are on their 1st experience to have the out side of their house painted. Even if you have had your house painted in the past, this article is for you too as we…

  • FAQ’s about Exterior Painting

    May 28, 2024 | Written by David

    Your in a house with with cedar siding that needs to be painted. You may have also bought a house that is good shape but just needs updating with a new paint color. Maybe like me you bought house that needs to be painted and it has a aweful color!…

  • Should I Paint My Cherry Cabinets?

    May 21, 2024 | Written by David

    Since your hear we are assuming you have solid cherry cabinets. I will further assume you are not happy with the look and feel of your kitchen? Have you been looking at Pinterest, Google images, watching HGTV or YouTube videos about painting kitchen cabinets? Are you afraid of making the…

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