What towns do Dfranco Painting work in

One of the top questions we are asked outside of how much something will cost is Where we work. So here is a short list that we will update with the towns as well as some of the things we like most about each town and where we go when we are there!

Hello Everyone- yesterdays call- “What towns do Dfranco Painting work in” is todays blog post. As our office is in Huntley, IL, we would love to have all of our workers in the Huntley area. That being said, we will just go through a short list of places we go, keep checking back as this list will grow!

Dfranco Painting in Elgin, IL

belive it or not there are quite a few Elgin’s! Our shop was located here for 3 years and Daphne and Iived there for almost 10 years, (she lived there a bit longer than I)


The cool thing about Elgin is the Diversity! from large homes to historic older homes- it is such a fun city to be able to work in. Not a fan of the trains dividing the town in half, but it is what it is. We look forward to helping all of you as we expand in to exterior painting in 2024!

Top rated Painter and Wallpaper in Huntley, IL

It has been so great to grow in our own town! We love being able to drive less than 10 min to stores and job sites. Aside from working in Dell Webb, the other Huntley communities have been so awesome to work with. Make sure you keep watch out for the Dell webb showcase home shows!! And the Lifestyle magazine if you are a Dell webb resident for ads, specials or events.


Interior painting in Pingree Grove, IL

As we have some of our friends and family living in Pingree Grove we want to make sure this is a another town where we plant our flag! So we cant forget to add Pingree Grove to what towns do Dfranco painting work in

pingree gove

We look forward to being in the Pingree grove community flyers and the home show in 2024!

Wallpaper installation as well as painting in South Elgin, IL

As we have family, church members and friends in several areas of South Elgin, we dont wat to miss the opportunity to help with commmercial and residential opportunities in this town

south elgin

It has been great being able to work in some of the commercial properties in town, installing commerical wallpaper and murals in stores such as Walmart and Mcalisters.

Helping other in St.charles with Cabinet Painting

St. charles has been one of the top cities where we are doing cabient re painting!

st charles

St. charles is another one of those cities we look forward to doing some exterior painting in 2024. I have yet to see the Walhbergs- but they make pretty decent burger!

Best Paint for Ceilings

Selecting the Best paint for Ceilings is a matter of matching the paint properties to the type of ceiling and the effect you desire. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you make the best choice:

D'franco finishes chicagoland painting for realtors
flat paint on ceilings

What sheen should I use to paint my ceilings?

Most Designers, Painters, Builders and indusrty experts will agree that flat latex paint is the Best paint for painting the ceilings in your home (in general). Yes there are exeptions which I’ll get to in a bit, but a non-reflective finish is preferred in almost all situtations.

Why should I use Flat Paint for ceilings?

We could send a ton of time on this, but at the end of the day, for your interior painting, you want a flat paint to be applied to your ceilings because:

  • it hides issues such as imperfections of the drywall
  • there will be minimun glare
  • there will be no shine- flat paints in general are the most accurate depiction of the color selected
  • flat paint is easy to touch up- if you have water damage, lighting replaced you will apprecaite touching up a ceiling vs reppainting the whole thing

Types of paint to use for Ceilings

There are several brands of paint- how to choose? Here is a list of ceiling paints we have used, and what we like or dislike about them that is best for interior painting in your home.

  1. Benjamin Moore Waterborne Ceiling Paint – This product is specifically formulated for ceilings and features an ultra-matte finish. It’s known for its slow drying time, which reduces spatter, and its ability to conceal blemishes well​​. We have found that it leaves marks, and didnt really touch up that well, (an electrician added a light, we touch up around it and it left a sheen different from the paintinng we did the previou day) It is also the most exensive.
  2. Harmony Interior Acrylic Latex – If you’re looking for an eco-friendly option, Harmony is UL Greenguard Indoor Air Quality and Gold certified. It includes mold and mildew inhibitors and is particularly effective for kitchen ceilings where you might encounter smoke stains or cooking odors​​. We used this product in a day care, funeral home and senior care facility. We had no issues with it, seemed ok- we only used it because thaat was what we were told to use.
  3. BEHR Ultra Pure – Home Depot says, “this paint is versatile for various ceiling textures, offers stain-blocking capabilities, and is low-odor, though it may require more than one coat for optimal coverage​​”. We say NOT. Great marketing, poor deliverance- from our experience. I thought price was high, and as you can see in this video- I would not call this a flat paint.

4. Sherwin Williams Eminence Ceiling Paint

This paint is newer to the market. We have only used it twice and that was due to the color selected. The can said that “This paint has no sheen and is a true flat”, and overall i think it was. Since it comes in a base color of Bright White, it an excellent choice for bright whites competeting with Behr.

OUR Top pick- Sherwin Williams CHB

This paint is a powerhouse and workhorse. If your in the Chicago market your painters will know it well. It is said to outsell all their other paints. We have been using it since 2005. It has never changed, (that we have seen) the label is the same, smells the same, and works the same. In fact!.. we have gone back to do touch ups on ceilings 5 yrs later! We used the same paint, with a new gallon and you could not see where it was re painted! The Cost is amazing. We personally will only use this stuff unless told otherwise- it is that good. So hands down we feel that is is the BEST Inteior PAINT FOR CEILINGS

6. JC LICHT MHB. this product is meant to compete with Sherwin Williams CHB. We have used it once, and that was over 8 years ago, so I cant really give much information about it, except to say it is an option.

What is the difference between flat and other sheen levels

Sheen Levels determined how much shine or refelction a paint has. Flat paints, such as the ones mentioned, have the lowest sheen level. Which why it is ideal for ceilings as they diffuse light and reduce reflections. This quality makes imperfections less noticeable.

For wallls we tell people to use a low sheen/matte/ or eggshell. Sheen levels can get confusing!! It can drive us mad as well. Each paint line from each brand has their own sheen level, whichmakes it hard to match paint or do touch ups. The added tint also affects sheen, but alll lof these issues are best for another day.

Where can I look at the Flat paint types or sheen?

Images of Flat Paint Brands– For visual reference, images can be very helpful. However, for specific images of flat paint brands mentioned, it would be best to visit the manufacturers’ website. Maybe stop in at a home improvement store to see the color swatches and finishes. On line or digital images may not always accurately reflect the true colors. Which is also true of different cell phone cameras and image viewers.

When considering paint for your ceiling, remember to take into account the color and finish. Then the paint’s ability to cover imperfections, its resistance to mold and mildew, and the room’s specific conditions and usage. This will ensure you choose a paint that is both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.

Advance Urethane vs Waterborne Laquer

If you are thinking of painting your cabiets- then one of the buzz words is Advance Urathane paint. Advance is a Urethane based product that is a great product. The other cabient paint- not often seen or heard but used for cabients is called waterborne lacquer. These two paints are two different types of paint with distinct characteristics and applications.

Hi, I’m David Cook, owner of Dfranco Painitng and Wallpaper in Huntley, IL. We are asked about trim paint, So lets dive into Advance urethane VS Waterborne Laquer.

A quick difference Advance Urethane VS Waterborne Laquer

Here’s a breakdown of each:

  1. Advance Urethane Trim Paint:
    • Urethane trim paint is a type of paint that is known for its durability, chemical resistance, and overall toughness. It is commonly used for painting surfaces that require a high level of protection, such as automotive parts, industrial equipment, and outdoor furniture.
    • This type of paint provides a glossy finish and is often used for surfaces that need to withstand harsh weather conditions and frequent use. It typically provides excellent adhesion and is resistant to chipping, fading, and abrasions.
    • Urethane trim paint usually requires a longer drying time compared to other types of paint, and it often requires the use of a primer to ensure proper adhesion to the surface.
    • in the case of Advance products- 16 hours in order to recoat- Emerald is about 3-4. That in iteslf makes huge differene in how you price, and stage a project using these materials.

  1. Waterborne Lacquer Paint:
    • Waterborne lacquer paint is a type of paint that uses water as a carrier instead of traditional solvents. It is known for its quick drying time and low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it a more environmentally friendly option compared to traditional lacquer paints.
    • Waterborne lacquer paint provides a smooth, clear finish and is often used for interior surfaces such as furniture, cabinets, and trim. It is popular among those who want a clear and crisp finish that enhances the natural appearance of wood and other materials.
    • This type of paint requires careful application to ensure an even and smooth finish. It also typically requires several coats for adequate coverage and durability.
Waterborne Laquer cabinet paint
Waterborne Laquer cabinet paint

Choosing between the two paints

When choosing between urethane trim paint and waterborne lacquer paint, consider the specific requirements of your project.

If you need a highly durable and protective finish for surfaces exposed to harsh conditions, urethane trim paint might be the better choice. To my knowledge Urathanes do not have the approvals from the Kitchen and design standards to resist stains, or kitchen food borne virus that come from raw food.

On the other hand, if you’re working on interior surfaces and are looking for a more environmentally friendly option with a smooth and clear finish, waterborne lacquer paint could be the way to go.

Somplace you can look for kitchen paint standards is here…KCMA . great location of materials that have been tested for kitchen use,

if you are just painting doors, trim etc, then Advance urethane or Emerald Urethane products will be great option!

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results with either type of paint.

So which paint is better?

there really isnt a better, it is they are different.What are you using the paint for and where yo are located really matters when deciding what to use.

For example, Nick May, walls by design in Denver, CO, uses Advance Urethane paints for cabinets- why? Location. Due to the climate there he needs something that will be able to be sprayed and lay flat, where a laquer there dries too fast.
For us, we want to be efficient with our time. So i can paint sand and repaint 2 coats in a day! That gets us more productive and your kitchen back to normal much faster.

Episode 21 How much will it cost to paint a room?

just in case you want to know, here is the cost to paint a room in yourhome!

How to save money when Painting your kitchen cabinets?

IF you are looking into painting your own cabinets, the process can be a bit overwhelming. Between what products to use, colors to select, how to get them ready, how long it will take, how will it look- these are all great questions and all issues we can help with. The biggest question is How to save money when painting your kitchen cabinets?

There are two ways you can save money, the 1st is doing it yourself, which we will will give you a brief rundown here. The 2nd is kind of a sweat equity, we do the hard stuff- spraying doors, you paint the boxes! the 2nd way can save you about 30%-40% of the cost of the total job. You could also hire us and “coach you” on how to do it!

Let us help you paint your cabinets

This is kind of a sweat equity shared co op experince. Most everyone wants a sprayed cabinet finish. It is the ultimate look and feel for wood work. But the cost is higher than using a brush and roller. So we have found a way to help you get this look and save you money in the process.

The last few customers for cabinets have had us Paint the doors and drawers and the customer painted the boxes, faces etc. So if you can use a brush and roller, it is a great way to save money, over 30% of the total job! Why you may be asking.. well we dont have to clean those areas, we dont have to mask anything, and we dont have to prep and clean up when we finish.

Here is how it works..

  • We show up, show you how we label each item so you know how to put it back together where it came from.
  • we show you how to prep the surface
  • the doors and drawer fronts will be taken back to our shop where we work on them while you get to work painting all the items in your home
  • then we bring them back to you in protective sleeves, nice neatly, so they don’t get damaged.
  • now you get can put everything back together -enjoy your new kitchen!


We can show you how to paint your cabients

So here is a unique way we can help that we borrowed from our Friend Nick May, in Denver, with Walls by Design. He will show you how to do it and rent you tools to paint! So can do this with cabinets. You will have a personal instructor with you to show you how to do everything and how to use the tools, that you rent from us. If it gets to a point you just want us to take over then we can just help you by taking it from where you left off! Still saving you money, and giving you a great looking result.

Ways to Save Money by Painting kitchen cabinets yourself

So here are some step by step ways to paint cabinets. You know how to paint, you are handy you have an eye for color and you love DIY projects. So your going to paint your kitchen cabinets. The keys to a successful cabinet painting project is prep and materials.

The prep work of cabinet painting is relativley simple. If you can follow some simple steps we can help you have a Kitchen you will really enjoy!

  1. prep! this is the biggest key to success. Every single surface inch must be cleaned. After many different versions, wet sanding with dawn dish soap, to scuff and clean the dirt and grease works the best. Wet the surface, then rub the 220 sandpaper over the surfaces, think of the same effort as cleaning a dirty cook pan. wipe off the dirty slime, spray again and wipe till clean with another spray of dish soap solution and clean rags
  2. dry.. after cleaning allow everything to dry. once dry you will see the sheen difference, any shiney or sticky areas- then go back to step 1
  3. Primer! Using a bonding primer is the next critical step. We use Stix. It is a power house and performs all the time- every time. Another product you may need is stain killer primer. If you have some stubborn oil stains, you may have to use a can of this stain type primer to prevent the old grime from bleeding through.
  • 4. once you have applied the primer, with a brush or roller, you need to sand that coat of primer smooth, then most likely apply the 2nd coat of primer.
  • 5. Top coat. The final paint determines how long the painted surface will last. I can go over a few here, and give what we use.
    • Big Box cabinet paint. I cannot speak with any authority on these products. You want to see how well they stand up to wear, stains, washing etc.
    • Paint Supply stores. Between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, each have several good types. Cabinet coat- i have never used but is supposed to be good. Another one is ILVA which is a water based polyurathane. We use dit and it works pretty good. Each store also has a Urathane product for cabients, that we use for door and trim paint, but personally woould never use for cabients. Then there are some modified oils, such as advance. I know many people use advance, but keep in mind it – it takes 16 hours before you can recoat it! (in the midwest at least) so you beter have someplace you can paint and leave it alone
    • We use hybrid laquers. These are approved coatings from the Kitchen testing labs. I love these things. ML CAMBELL and Chem AQUA are the ones we use. It is a product that is hard as a rock when dry, and just performs.

How can we help you with your cabinet painting?

Is there something we missed? Let us know. If you need somone to help you paint cabients, refinish kitchen cabinets, give us a calll, or send an email. We are here to help how you love the space you’re in by How to save money when Painting your kitchen cabinets .

Replacing Cabinets vs Painting Cabinets

If you are among the millions of people considering remodeling your kitchen, then I’m sure that you have seen a few you tube videos or remodeling shows about kitchen remodeling. Choosing what is best for you either replacing cabinets or painting them may not have crossed your mind as an option. So let s see if we can help with what we have seen in homes we have worked at.

How do you decide? Replacing cabinets vs Painting cabinets- lets dig in to this one! I am just using the kitchen we just finished as an example.

How much will it Cost to replace cabinets

What is will cost to replace your cabinets is a question that is a bit more complicated than just money, what does that mean?

  • what is the cost for demolition
  • will there be will wall damage
  • are you going to have to have electrical work done
  • does the flooring have to be redone
  • do new cabinets fit in the same space? ie soffits
  • will your counter top have to be replaced
  • can you use your existing sink
  • new lighting?
  • time without a sink, kitchen appliances etc

That is a long list, so what does that mean? Well the cabinets coming out, floors being worked in, repairs, items ordered, installed – all means that you could be 2 weeks to 4 months with a construction zone in your home. We have seen it!

So all of the above is not a dollar cost but a cost for your time, stress, aggavation. The money part on a low end kitchen can start at $15,000- and we have witnessed up to $75,000! All depends on what you want. In our house a decent vanity allone was 1100! So if you have 16 cabinet boxes, that is over $16,000 in just the cabients.

So what is the Cost to Paint kitchen cabients

In the video above, we painted the oak cabinets. What we did; (the short list)

  • cleaned the cabinets
  • masked the floor
  • covered the tile and counters
  • removed and painted closet door
  • filled in 1 layer of grain
  • sanded primer smooth
  • sprayed the 2nd coat primer
  • sprayed the top coat

This kitchen was about $3700, and the customers lost access to their kitchen for 1 night. HUGE difference from the carnage of demotion. Here is another link to a blog we did on cost to paint cabinets

How to decide…

That is a rough decision to make, and I feel for you. We have had similar choices to make, so the choice of Replacing Cabinets vs Painting Cabinets can be tough, but it just depends on what options you have, if your cabients are in good shape- then just paint them!

Once you start getting estimates, you will get a better understanding on which way you will decide to go.

If and when you have questions, feel free to reach out, we are here to help.

How much does it cost to remove wallpaper?

Are you a homeowner with wallpaper in your home? If so, you’re not alone! But, do you love it? At D’Franco Wallpaper, we love installing wallpaper. However, if you’re not fond of the wallpaper in your home, you may be wondering how much it will cost to have it removed. While the cost of wallpaper removal can vary, this guide will give you an idea of the approximate cost to remove wallpaper in your home.

Should I remove wallpaper or just paint over it?

This is a common question among homeowners. At D’Franco, we typically recommend removing the wallpaper before painting.

wallpaper steamer

Why? Because wallpaper is porous, meaning that moisture from the paint can cause the wallpaper adhesive to re-wet and loosen from the wall. This can result in the wallpaper falling off the wall, leaving you with a wet paint and wet wallpaper mess. Trust us, we’ve seen it happen! To avoid this issue and ensure a professional looking paint job, it’s best to remove the wallpaper before painting.

When can you paint over wallpaper?

At D’Franco, we prioritize  a smooth and seamless finish. Our experienced team offers wallpaper removal services, with an estimate based on square footage and our knowledge of similar wallpapers. However, in cases where the wallpaper is not coming off easily, we may recommend an alternative solution.This may happen if:

  • Wallpaper was installed directly over drywall
  • Incorrect adhesive was used
  • Wallpaper is from the 1980s and has a vinyl film
pump sprayer for wallpaper removal

Our recommended solution in these cases is for us to:

  • Prime the wallpaper using Guardz or Shellac primer (which will cause any loose areas to bubble up)
  • Cut out these bubbled areas
  • Skim coat any seams or cutaway areas
  • Re-prime for a solid surface 
  • Apply your desired paint color for a polished finish

While this may not be the ideal path, we’ve had success with this method in our own homes as well as other customers’ homes. You can trust our team to achieve the look you desire.

What can I expect the cost of removing wallpaper to be?

The cost of wallpaper removal can vary greatly, with prices ranging from $1.00 to $4.00 per square foot. Factors that can affect the cost include 

  • Ease of removing the wallpaper
  • Any necessary repairs to the walls after removal
  • Height of the walls
  • Type and amount of wallpaper being removed
  • Also, if the project generates a lot of trash, a dumpster rental might be necessary adding to the cost.

We understand that every home and project is unique and will provide you with a detailed, personalized estimate based on your specific needs. Our experienced team can efficiently and effectively remove your wallpaper while providing transparent and fair pricing.

What tools are needed to strip wallpaper?

Removing wallpaper can be a daunting task, but with the right tools, the job becomes much simpler. We have years of experience in wallpaper removal and have refined our methods to make the process as efficient and effective as possible. When tackling the project yourself, the following tools are essential:

  1. A spray bottle filled with a diluted wallpaper stripping solution
  2. A bucket of hot water and a sponge
  3. A wallpaper steamer
  4. A drywall scraper (or putty knife)

These tools are all you need to get the job done. First, spray the solution onto the wallpaper and let it sit for a few minutes. Then use the sponge and hot water to remove the top layer of the wallpaper. If needed, use the steamer to soften the remaining adhesive and use the scraper to remove any stubborn pieces. In many cases, you can simply use your fingers to remove the wet wallpaper backing. Once the wallpaper is removed, clean the walls thoroughly with water.

So if you’re looking to strip your wallpaper, these are the tools you’ll want to have on hand.

Ready for your wallpaper to be removed?

We can help! Let us know if you need advice or help with a project. You can call us at (847) 349-4112, text us at (847) 349-4112  or email us by visiting our email form on our contact page. We would love to see how we can help you love the space in your home, with fresh paint, wallpaper, or painted cabinets.

What colors can I paint my cabinets?

We are a cabinet painting company as part of our overall services of the paint industry. Our favorite part of what we do is cabinet painting. With cabinet painting, one of the top questions we are asked is- What colors can I paint my cabinets? So let’s answer that question for you.

Where should I go to get colors for my cabinets?

if you are buying cabinets, especially from a big box store, you will have several options;

  • Stock colors
  • stock stains
  • custom stains
  • customer colors
cherry cabinets painted white

Once you decide to get custom colors, you limit who can do the work, where you can get the cabinets from, how long it will take to get the cabinets, and if you can even get touch up paints for your cabinets.

However when your painting your cabinets we tell our customers that you can go to any big box store, or paint store and select the colors you want. If you found a custom color from someone, as long as we have sample – we can get it matched.- So with us, you can select the color you want to have your cabinets painted.

Are there any colors I cant use when painting cabinets?

We typically say, that you can have your cabinets painted any color you want. Well here is the but.. the very select few colors we cannot use, are the bright whites from Home Depot. I m not sure why, exactly, but it has something to do with the base paint formulas and the type and color or tints being used by Home depot. There bright white colors are like trying to watch someone with a tan, talk with ulta bright venners on their teeth. (thing George Hamilton)- yikes!! You can see some of the most popular colors here..

That really is the restriction of selecting paint colors.

Is it true I can’t wash painted black or dark cabinets?

I don’t know where this question is coming from, and i don’t quite understand it either. Cleaning dark cabinets is not different than cleaning lighter colored ones. Cleaninf darker colors is trickier, as residue will leave behind white marks. I also have to say, Washing is a vague term. If you are asking to power wash your cabients- then the answer is no. If you are wanting to get a sponge with hot soapy water to wash down your cabinets then again the answer it no. Can you clean them with something else? Well- Yeah! Washing wood or painted cabinets is just like taking care of a wood floor, too mush water or chemicals will damage the finish.

We tell people to use either Boma or a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. Both are safe for the surfaces, wont void a warranty- (read the labels – some cleaners are listed by the paint/finshes makers are items that void the warranty of their product).

Other questions about painted cabinets?

Short and sweet blog post, to the point, as You see, the above video is about top 3 questions regarding painted cabinets. If you have other questions you would like us it answer for you- let us know how we can help!

How much will it cost to paint my house?

The number 1 question we receive is “How much does it cost to paint my. house”…and then you can also add that same question to all the rest of our services.

So we are putting as much information as possible here so you have an idea of our costs, fees, pricing etc, so when it is time to call us for an estimate you are as well informed as possible. You will see videos from our YouTube Channel as well as links to past articles that will go into more depth as far as estimates or pricing for our painting, wallpaper and cabinet Finishes. So Here we go!

How much …

Fill in the blank. We can help you will almost all of your painting needs such as:

  • painting walls
  • repainting ceilings
  • having your existing painted trim re painted
  • Getting a new coat of paint on interior doors
  • Having 1 room in your house painted
  • Re-painitng your entire home
  • (Cabinet painting – keep scrolling down the page)
  • New construction Painintg
  • Painitng wood stained trim white

Within each of these type of painting services, there are several things we need from you in order to get a accurate estimate to you. For example painting 1 wall vs a whole house, painting a white wall that used to be black. So read on so we can help you with your question the best way. we know

How do I get an estimate to paint my house?

So as you just read, that is quite a list of painting serives that we can offer to you, and that list does not even cover it everything. So we need to have a clear understanding of what services you are looking for. When we are painting a home, we have several ways we can get an estimate to you:

  • On site consultation
  • Estimate from prints or on line listings such as Red Fin
  • texts or emails with room size and dimensions

What We need from you to give you a painting estiamte

When you have called us to get a estimate for painting your home, we will get some basic information;

  • your contact information- we use this so we know who you are, so we can call you, so we can send email confirmations of appointments and the estimate itself.
  • how you found us- if you came from a referral we want to thank that persons for referring us!
  • what are you looking to have painted. 1 room vs a whole house is a quite a difference in our prep work and on site time to prepare that cost for you
  • if you have special paint requests such no VOC
  • are there drywall repairs that need to be made
  • wallpaper removal
  • when your looking to have the work done

What can I expect to pay for painting

Painting walls can cost from $1.10 per square foot to $5.00 per square foot (or more). If we are just painting walls the same color where we can just apply one coat of paint will be on the lower cost, where as if we are painting ceilings, crown molding, window trim, windows, door frames, doors, repairing holes, caulking trim, filling nail holes, taking wood stained trim to white will be much higher.

An average 10×10 bedroom is about $589 with a gallon of paint for walls. This would include:

  • pole sanding walls
  • masking trim
  • covering floors and furniture
  • minor wall repairs
  • removing outlet and switch covers
  • 1 gallon of paint
  • 2 coats of paint

With all of the variables …

It can be hard to just write up a blog to get you a number, I hope some of this help get you prepared to call your paint contractor to get a estimate, so you will have an idea of what to expect when you want to know How much will it cost to paint my house.

Metallic Painted Ceiling

If you are considering painting your home, It can be overwhelming, What to paint, what not to paint, what kind of paint. MY favorite thing to add to a home is a metallic painted ceiling. But I am getting ahead of myself. There are other things to consider before you start getting estimates to paint your home:

  • are you painting your ceilings?
  • do you you need to paint trim
  • will you need drywall repairs made
  • what walls are yougoing to paint
  • which rooms should you paint
  • who should I call

We are here to day to focus on one of these items- ways to paint your ceilings

What are ways to paint or decorate my ceilings

Excellent question! Most homes have flat white painted ceilings. Most ceilings are painted white as well. We are here to say you have options!! Some ways to spruce up your ceilings are:

  • accent colors
  • wallpaper
  • murals
  • metallic painted ceiling
  • lighting

Painting ceilings with Accent colors

This option is pretty self explanatory, as basically you select a color that is close in hue/tone to what your painting on the walls, lighten it, then paint the ceiling that color. Mot people use flat paint for ceilings because it hides imperfections in the drywall and wall it self from previous paint jobs

Metallic painted ceiling!

Here is the bulk of this post- as we get calls here and there and I never did a post just on this application.There are several methods, the two most common are just using metallic paint or having a faux metallic finish to the ceiling.

Metallic washed faux glaxed ceilings are my favorite thing to do for ceilings. But .. you do need to have the right space to do it. Inset ceilings and tray ceilings look the best for sure!

Large tray metallic ceiling

here is another single color metallic color wash or glaze applied to a ceiling

Foyer accent ceiling

large inset or tray ceiling with a 4 color metallic pain, color wash or glaze

Dining Room metallic faux finish

a multi angle tray ceiling with a 2 color metallic color wash faux glazed finish

A barrel ceiling metallic ceiling

barrel ceiling with a metallic color wash

Accent Ceilings

metallc ceiling to accent a wallpaepr installation

Tray Ceilings in multiple rooms

here are two rooms with inset tray ceilngs that we applied a metallic faux finish

How can we help you with your home and painting projects?

These are some ceiling ideas that we have done, they are ideas. Ideas are plentiful, they are open to your imagination and your want to do something different and you may not have seen before. We would love to see how we can help you love the space you’re in!

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