Canvas Wallpaper Installations?  Is that a thing?

Yes, it is. Last week we were able to help out a customer with a canvas mural. After helping on these types of projects, it was our turn to lead the wallpaper installation process.

Here is a quick video on our latest mural installation:

This canvas wallpaper was tricky for several reasons:

  • Mural was painted on canvas
  • Canvas was not sized
  • Once painted, it did not get sealed with a clear top coat
  • It weighed 149 pounds
  • 10 feet tall
  • 60 feet long

The mural was painted by Robert Bucknell. If you ever have been in a Cabela’s, you have seen his work.

4 people were used to install this one.

In order to get this started right, we primed the walls with 2 coats of Gardz wall sealer and allowed to dry overnight. Once dry the wall was given a coat of clay wallpaper adhesive which was allowed to dry overnight as well.

Now that the walls was ready were ready, we put up a unit of scaffolding so we could reach the height. Trying to roll a 149 lb piece of fabric was tricky, so thanks to Lilian, (check out her website if you are in Tennessee!) we made a rolling pole bracket! That allowed us to unroll as we installed…so nice.

Next up was Gwen rolling adhesive to the wall, then Art unrolling for us, and Steven (Paper Craft Interiors in Algonquin. Award winning and stellar installer!) and I sticking and smoothing the canvas to the wall.

We had a few learning moments while installing due to wall curvature and an uneven canvas. These things made it hard to find a straight line.

Check out the end result!

In the end, it came out great!

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