If you are getting ready to paint your home, you are most likely asking how to pick colors for you home.

There are so many options, how do you choose? Personally- I let my wife handle it.

Hi! I’m David Cook, owner of D’franco Painting & Wallpaper and this question has been asked of us many times so to get you some good answers, we called our local paint stores, Sherwin Williams and JC Licht. We decided to ask them some of your questions and get some answers you may be able to use for your next interior house painting project

How to pick colors for your home

Q-What is trending with colors?

A– A lot of people ask me this question. That can be a trick question. There are so many variables! Sometimes what’s trending, may not work with your home due to factors such as lighting, your furniture, flooring, etc. It will always depend on what the homeowner has in terms décor, furniture, and more often then not, the layout of the home. But where a person can begin, is with color! Color can do so many things. It can bridge an idea into something tangible, and be our inspiration to finally achieve what we always want in a space; To look and feel beautiful. Beauty will be different for everyone. But all that matters is what YOU the homeowner considers beautiful. A space should feel inviting, and make you want to stay. Color is a fantastic starting point. And sometimes, that’s all you need!

Q- Are there trending color palettes?

A– As a color consultant, I see many different kinds of homes, personalities, and color palettes. If I had to narrow down a common theme of current trending color palettes, it would surprisingly be the absence of color itself; Going to the basics of black and white. People are gravitating towards, bright, clean, fresh areas, in hopes to create an illusion of bigger spaces.

Decades past, homes were filled with warm, bold colors, and now we are emerging into phases of needing to breathe, open up, and fill in our homes with light. I have helped many customers achieve the layered neutral look by choosing the right off whites, warm whites and even whites with subdued gray undertones. Black, provides high contrast to these soft shades, and can make an area look very dramatic. You can pop black by painting your cabinets with it, your doors in a hallway, or maybe even your window casings.

With this being our base, color can be added through accents such as art work, area rugs, throw pillows, or even furniture. This brings attention to our belongings, treasures collected from travels, and personal touches that showcases what makes you, you!

Q-Where are the best places to add extra colors?

A– Places where you can add color with paint, would be powder rooms and bedrooms. Bedrooms are our safe haven, and should be a place that makes you feel at peace. Colors that make you happy should be reflected here, whether its a wall color, or accents. Powder rooms give us the potential to be playful because we are not committed to a large extensive space. What’s normally a boring mundane space, can now be a fun, interesting room that can become a conversation starter. You can incorporate a bold color on the walls or the vanity, or consider wallpaper to provide texture, and or a colorful pattern. Here is a whole house we repainted…

Q-How can I use wallpaper in my home? Is wallpaper being used in homes again?

A– YES! Wallcoverings can be so many things. It can be an extension of your personality, or provide interest to cultivate a certain feeling. A classic that is timeless is grass cloth. It can be subtle while giving a different look then a standard paint finish. What I am seeing a trend of are large scaled patterns with a little bit of whimsy. People are choosing colors that are making a statement, and something that takes your breath away. Many homeowners are incorporating wallpaper installations in not just powder rooms but dining rooms. This gives it an elegant and formal feel, encouraging you to actually sit down and eat in an intimate setting. Kid’s rooms are also a great place to add wallpaper, to help inspire and nurture imagination. Here is a wallpaper installation we did in a two-story foyer…

Q-What is your design background?

A– I love all things design. Artist by trade first, I went to Elmhurst College to receive my degree in Fine Arts, with a concentration of drawing and painting. My interest in interior design grew into something I knew I wanted to nourish so I went to College of DuPage to receive my interior design degree. I have consulted in thousands of homes and my experience has given me understanding of how to incorporate color, design, and your own personality to make your home, truly feel like home.

Q-How can I get a color consult for my home?

A– We would love to help you tell your color story! If you are interested in having a color consultation, there are two ways this can happen. The 1st is calling JC Licht stores. Please call the scheduling department, 844-525-4400. Your consultation will include one hour with a professional consultant to guide you in the comfort of your own home. All JC Licht Color Consultants are highly trained in the science of color and light. The consultant will leave behind the chosen color samples, as well as email you an extensive paint schedule which will include detailed notes regarding the chosen colors and finishes as well as their assigned rooms and an $80 voucher for use at any JC Licht.

The 2nd is calling a former Sherwin Williams color consult that we use, and provide the 1st hour for free as part of our painting services for jobs over $3,000.00.  You can reach her with this email:  linda.piazza30@gmail.com and call her at 847-217-6541

Want to find out how you can get free color consult for your home? If you live in the Chicagoland area (and the Color consultants will service your home) then give us a call, text, or contact us here to find out how we can help you love the space you’re in!