One of the top questions we get from customers when they are looking for a mural is “How much does a mural cost”? I wish that was an easy question to answer, but it is not.  Think of a mural as buying a car, you cannot call a car dealer and ask them how much is an SUV? Think of the details that you want in your car: size, color, budget, leather/cloth, stereo, GPS, how many seats, etc.

Questions to ask yourself as you prepare

Now put that into a mural. How big is your wall? What type of theme do you want? Do you only want a wall or do you want to incorporate a ceiling and joining walls? How long do you want this mural to be in your home? Are you looking for a cartoonish painting, a realist painting, abstract?

These questions determine the pricing.  Have you looked online at other murals? There are thousands of images online that you can use to inspire your own personalized mural.  From a baby nursery, music themes, race fans, movie themed, inspired from a photo, a favorite vacation spot, or maybe something small like a painting of your pet.

We can help you find what you are looking for. We work with digital murals, wallpaper murals, and painted murals.

Just like we tell our young men in Boy Scouts, “be prepared!”