What is a digital graphic and will it look good on my wall?

One of the fastest growing segments of home decorating is digital murals. What are they? Basically, it is a photo or text that is printed on wallpaper that is installed on a wall in your home or office. There are many companies that offer pre-made digital graphics. You can even upload your own photos for truly unique digital wall graphics.

  • Family Photos
  • Sports Images
  • Company Logos
  • Images on Dry Erase Materials
  • Maybe an Enlarged Piece of Artwork?

These are all options that are available to you!

Our latest digital graphics project was for Aquascape Inc. in St. Charles, IL for their annual open house and sale.

This is the wall we started with:
mural painting cost - digital murals

You can see the graphics are on the floor. They are inspected for the correct height and width. The walls are sealed and primed prior to the application so if they need to be removed they can be with ease. This wall could then be updated periodically to use for different digital murals.

Once installed, they change the look and feel of the wall and of the office:


mural painting cost - wall decals st. charles

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From the before and after of the wall there is a complete transformation:


mural painting cost - wall art elgin

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Once installed, employees could not help but to stop and look!

mural painting cost - wall art st. charles -Digital graphic

Now that you have an idea of what a digital mural can do for an office space, what can we install for you? Not only do we do digital graphics but also wall art and wall decals.

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