Hello everyone, David Cook with Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper here in Huntley, IL, with today’s you ask we answer – How Long after painting a bathroom can I shower? When we paint a bathroom, this is the top asked question, and most ignored answer.

Making sure the paint cures ensures a successful paint job, so lets dive into today’s question.

How long does it take to paint to dry to the touch?

When you are painting your home, and we are assuming interior painting for the purpose of this blog post, wet paint is never fun to work around. Each paint has its unique properties so you do need to check the lable to make sure you follow their specs- so you dont void the warranty.

new bath paint-make sure its dry before showering

Typically- dry to the touch is a few hours. It can be sped up by using a fan. Keep in mind dry to the touch does not mean cure time- huge difference- see below..

When will the paint be fully cured?

So- great question! The dry time is the touch. The cure time is when it is 100% dry, no more off gassing, can be put to its full use (ie washing)

The cure time is when all of the solids in the paint have fully dried. These solids are in part the tint, the main chemicals that make the paint what it is. They are fluid when applied and need time to dry together to get its full bond, water resistance, UV resistance, etc.

Typically, cure time is 30-45 days. Ok- but How long after painting a bathroom can I shower? You can use it in 24-36 hours, but make sure you avoid excessive moisture by keeping doors open, vents on etc, the last thing you want to see is moisture drips.

Tips to keep paint looking new in bath after painting

Everyone is anxious to start decorating after the paint is up and dry to the touch. But be careful! We have already answer How long to after painting a bathroom can I take a shower is 24-36 hours. The same rule should apply before hanging shower curtains, glueing mirrors, towel holders etc.

Whenever you take a shower- you should always have ventilation. That can be achieved with open windows, open doors and if you have one- using a vent fan.

If you have something on the wall- toothpaste, hairspray, dust, make sure to use care to clean it! We say to use microfibre and water- gently to clean- the more you wipe the higher your chances to make marks on the walls.

Other issues with paint in bathrooms

The number one problem is moisture. Water from showers, dripping from the sides or puddling where the water seaps into the drywall are the biggest issues we are called to fix.

Seap lines- looks like the walls are crying-

running lines on bath paint
running, seaping or crying walls in a bathroom

These typically are due to poor paint quality and or no ventilation while using very hot and steamy showers. Ventilation takes care of most of this- usually.

Have other Paint questions!

Let us know- we are here to try and help you love the space you’re in and take the pain out of painting!