How much will it cost to paint a room?

If you are here, you want to know how much it will cost to paint a room in your home or office.

This question (how much it will cost to paint a room) is one we receive regularly. There are some variations to geving a cost to paint a room, but we wanted to at leaset give you an idea of how much we charge for painting. 

Thanks for reading as well as checking out our website, I am David Cook, the owner of D’franco Painting & Wallpaper in Huntley, IL . So let’s dig in to this question!

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The basic information needed for a paint estimate

First, we will want to know is how did you find us. Odd? Not really…we want to know what works: Facebook, YouTube, blogs like these, referrals, or paint stores. We love to give gifts to our raving fan customers!

Now that is out of the way, here is what you can expect us to ask you:

  • When are you available for us to come out and look?
  • Can we do it virtually? usually with the help of realtor listings
  • Do you have any other work being done (floors, electrical etc.)?
  • Do you have a color selected already?
  • What is your time frame to have this done?
  • Do you have any allergies or reactions to paint?
  • What are you looking to have painted in “x” room? (walls, ceilings, base trim, windows, doors?)

We have our scope of work. Let’s break down the work needed to paint a room…

For the sake of this blog post, we will assume you are looking to have walls, ceilings, and also base trim painted. When we come and look we will have more questions. For example:

  • Are you planning on new outlet covers?
  • Do you need help moving furniture?
  • Will you be changing light fixtures?
  • Are all of the pictures going back in the same place?
  • Do you want to keep the cable/phone outlets?

With this information, we can now get to the work. We will perform and that is needed to paint your room so we can determine the cost.

  • We need to move and cover the floors and furniture.
  • Outlet covers, light switch plates as well as vent covers will need to be removed.
  • The floors will need to get taped off so we can paint the trim.
  • The base boards, the window trim and door trim will where needed be re-caulked to get rid of any gaps.
  • Any holes, nicks, dings, or scrapes on the wall get filled and also repaired.
  • The walls will get a quick pole sand -provides a smooth finish coat, better paint adhesion.
  • Ceilings will be painted with one (1) coat of paint.
  • Walls are painted with two (2) coats of paint.
  • A 12 month warranty. We come back in one year if you need a touch up.

So, how much is my room going to cost to get painted?

With the above information, we measure the room, and then enter it into our estimate software. The room we are using as a guide above was 12×12. With the 2 gallons of paint for the walls, one gallon for the ceilings, and either quart/gallon for trim, all caulk, plastic, tape, rollers, as well as repair materials, you can expect to pay about $705.00.

What is not included?

  • Painting outlet covers
  • Closets
  • Moving heavy furniture such as pianos (anything that may need two people)

We use Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore products unless otherwise requested. As listed above we offer a 12-month warranty period. This means that in one year we will call to see how things are looking and come back and touch up for up to one hour for free, if needed.

Can I get a virtual estimate to paint my house or room?

yes you can! We are still learnign some of the nuances of on line listings, images or imformation, but in General the real estate web sites like Redfin, do a pretty good job of having images of the homes and well as room sizes.

Some of the issues we do get into, is wall damage, height of ceilings, issues with previous paint (runs/drips). These are not major obstacles, just things that will affect the final price.

Well, what are you waiting for?

Call, text or click the get estimate now! Let us get you to love the space your in today!

Hire a Local Paint Contractor vs a National Chain

So, this is geared toward those looking to help and work with local businesses. We are hoping this will inspire you to hire a local paint contractor. We are a smaller paint contracting business specializing in interior painting, wallpaper, and cabinet painting located in Huntley, IL.

Although we look to grow, we love the fact that we can help people living in our area, other businesses in our area, some community groups, and non-profits in our area. 

350 project - Hire a Local Paint Contractor

The 3/50 Project

Save your local economy, three stores at a time. If half of the U.S. population spent $50 monthly in an independently owned business, their purchase would generate 42.6 billion dollars in revenue. For every $100 at these stores, $68 returns to your community through taxes, payroll, etc. If you spend it with a National Chain, only $43 is returned to our community. If you spend it online, NOTHING stays here.

To read more about this, go to

Reasons to hire a local paint contractor

To be upfront, we have done work for national chains before, as they usually will get contracts for other national brands to do the remodeling nationwide.

But that is a different subject…we are here to talk about hiring a local paint contractor. Some of the reasons we give are:

  • The people we hire are from this area.
  • Each person we hire is given background checks for local, state, and federal backgrounds.
  • We train each person with the employees our customers rated as 5-star worthy!
  • Knowing your environment. We have had job sites with people from other states who don’t know how to fix drywall issues, such as smooth walls. (Almost half of the US uses texture surfaces, not smooth walls.)
  • As with the 3/50 project, the money spent here stays here.
  • We have a vested interest in doing a great job. We want your referrals and repeat business. When things get tough, we’re not closing and moving to a different state.

Use caution when hiring locally

We have given this example of knowing who you hire to our customers, but I don’t think we have ever put it on our blog/website. While we were looking to hire a painter a few years ago, we interviewed someone who lived here in Elgin. Everything seemed good until we did a Google search. His name and picture appeared at the top of the page: convicted sex offender. This same person had a bunch of people on Facebook that had left him reviews of great work, which is great for him, but as we’ll work in homes with all ages, by schools, home school families- we want you to trust the people that are working for us.

Use caution about who you hire when looking for a local paint contractor.

  • Are they insured?
  • Do they have workman’s comp insurance?
  • Who are they?

How can we help you?

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