Trying a new cool route for your wall? Want some spice to build that up? Then look no further than a Digital mural.   Many people have spaces in their home or office that are pretty common or ordinary. Let see 3 ways to take your ordinary to WOW!

You can see my previous post for the introduction regarding Digital Mural.

A Digital mural can attract a different kind of perspective that you didn’t know was possible.

In the JCLicht’s Magazine, there was an article entitled: the Mural Route of Barbara Chabai. It is an article regarding Lucy Penfield, an Interior Designer from the Interior Design of Minneapolis who won the first place in the specialty room category at the American Society of Interior Designers’ (2016 ASID).

Digital mural

Mural for your home

She utilizes the interesting wall coverings in the mudroom and the powder room of the cottage.

As a gift of thanks, she spans the 14, 528 acres Lake of Minnetonka, a vintage map on the main floor bathroom of Ellie and Bill.

They are dreaming to own a place on the lake for 20 years. They say that it didn’t occur to them at first but the idea hit them up as soon as they saw it.

It was scanned and scaled to 3D and printed with a high definition vinyl for durability.

Also, to consider the water in the bathroom.

Digital mural - wall art st. charles

Bathroom digital mural

The mural in the powder room and mudroom was not as expected – it is fantastic!

In Digital Mural, you can easily mix and match – knowing what is hot and not.

You can choose from the variety of styles and colors that suits your taste.

We can see how a mural can work in a home, but what about your office?

wall art st. charles - wall art geneva

Digital mural for your bank

wall art geneva - mural painting cost

Digital mural in retail use

These are two relatively simple ways that a mural can be used.

The fathers of our nation overlook a bank lobby.

Use some or all of your company logo to highlight a wall.

So now that you know, what else can we help you with? Send us a text of a piece you have to see what we can do. Want to try it?

We are here to help you love the house you live in!

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