one day accent wallpaper
One Day Wallpaper!

Are you ready for Wallpaper in your home?

Although we have been installing wallpaper for about 12 years now, one statement we read and hear all the time is “wallpaper is back“. I’m not sure it ever really went away, but now with great colors, great design and abundance of variety of custom made wallcoverings, it is easier than ever to have some great wallpaper in your home. And we will help you with our One Day Wallpaper services.

What is One day Wallpaper?

Although an easy question, not an easy answer. We started this program to help you with a quick and easy solution to getting wallpaper installed in your home, business or office. There are some great ways we can install wallpaper in a day:

  • accent walls
accent wallpaper - one day wallpaper installation
grasscloth accent walls
  • small powder rooms
powder room accent wallpaper
Schumacher powder room accent wallpaper
  • smaller rooms (under 12×12)
one day wallpaper - accent wallpaper
mudroom wallpapered
one day commercial wallpaper
commercial graphics for a store front
  • custom graphics

These are some examples of what can be installed in one day.

How does it work?

For the most part, getting wallpaper installed is easy. You do need to have the wallpaper in hand on site the day we are going to install. It is advised that we verify the room size so we can verify how many rolls you will need. There are several factors that affect what we can or cannot install in a day. This is what we will do:

  • prime the walls
  • supply the adhesive, or activators for the wallpaper
  • installation
  • install walls (ceilings almost always take two people which increases the cost to install)
  • average space is under 400 square feet

We have done two accent walls in a day and smaller rooms in a day (anything over 12 x12 is what we consider a large room).

Some things we do not do:

  • skim coat walls
  • remove TV’s from walls
  • move heavy furniture
  • remove toilets, vanities etc.

How can I verify how much wallpaper I need?

This is fairly easy. If you go to our contact us page, you can send in a email request to contact us. Here is what we need:

  • room size
  • the item or pattern number

We will have some follow up questions. Such as:

  • are the towel holders going back on the wall?
  • will you changing out any light fixtures?
  • are you going to be painting trim or ceilings?

We want to make sure that we have all the information we need to provide you with a successful wallpaper installation. We NEVER use the square ft. amount on the label. WHY?

  • The square foot amount says you have a perfect square. We all know our homes are not exactly square.
  • Square footage does not account for a repeat pattern.
  • The manufacturer also does not account for the extra 1-2 inches we need at the top and bottom on each panel to account for the highs and lows of your walls.

What should I do first?

Learning from Wiliam Cochran

I had the opportunity to meet a Master of Trompe l’oeil, William Cochran. Thanks to the Chicago Institute of Fine Finishes, a small group came to meet, listen, and learn some new painting techniques, correct some bad habits, learn new ones, see color and light differently, and appreciate the right paint brushes for the right job. William has some amazing artwork, can teach, and loves his work. From his community bridge project to small murals, now painting with glass, William is a true inspiration for following a dream and bringing a vision to life. I hope we meet again.

Now, we just need to find some new mural jobs to use these new skills. Does anyone have any ideas?

What is Feng Shui?

FENG SHUI: Simply Defined

Last week I made a call to Joan Scheib of Joan Scheib Interiors. We get calls about different types of interior design styles and what Feng Shui is. I have no clue so I called Joan. She is passionate about taking the ordinary and Creating Extraordinary Living Through Inspired Design!

Feng Shui is simply a way to evaluate and improve how you live, work and play. It has helped people balance the relationship between their living spaces and the natural world for over six thousand years. It is an ancient art of placement for both your interior and exterior environments and is based on the flow of energy or “chi” through the universe and personal surroundings.  Chi, defined as “life’s breathe, circulates throughout your daily environments and helps you achieve a quality of life to which you aspire and helps you realize your dreams both at work and at home.

The Chinese characters that represent the words “Feng Shui” literally translate to “wind” and “water” to create the gentle flowing energy in your environment.  The rooms and spaces you inhabit influence your well-being and the opportunities in life every day.

Feng Shui defines techniques to strengthen the positive energy in your surroundings and to create peace and happiness, offer you health and motivation to realize your aspirations. Feng Shui is not only the proper placement of items, furnishings, the clearing of clutter, and the selection of color and symbols, but it is also a way of life.

There are many tips to create immediate and positive changes in your life.  By bringing vibrant energy into your environment through the symbols of beauty, love, success, and bounty, your home or office become an example of the life you want to live and result in your aspirations being fulfilled.

If you have any questions this is what you can have: a 2-hour consultation to provide feedback to give better insight into the ways to enhance your space and life through the use of the Feng Shui method.

Please visit her website or call to make an appointment today, 630-981-7442, Joan Scheib,


We can help you out with any new colors or symbols to improve your life as well! From wallpaper installing to digital murals and wall art, call us today for a free estimate!

Why is Venetian Plaster So Expensive?

We are working on several decorative plaster jobs right now and the materials range from $30.00 per gallon to $80.00 per gallon. You also have to account for the walls to be primed, sanded, areas around covered, the time to hand apply the plaster with a trowel, then dry, then polish to the desired sheen, then apply a protective finish.

The cheapest Venetian plaster is from the local home improvement stores. They are usually an acrylic based product, harder to apply, harder to polish.What you save money for materials you lose in time to do the work.

The expensive plasters are lime based. We have to use a special primer for them to make sure they bond to the surface and to make sure the lime will not eat away your walls. They apply to using warm butter and polish to a mirror-like finish with little effort. They are amazing products. The better products are from one of our favorite stores Chicago Institute of Fine finishes in Carol Stream. Aside from an amazing array of products to use the knowledge of product usage is superior to anyone else. They are there to help make your world beautiful.

I Hate My Paneling!

We just wrapped up a house in Naperville that had a significant amount of Paneling. The panels wee secure, good shape just had a very ugly color. To avoid a huge mess we gave the customer the option to paint the paneling. each nail hole was filled, gaps were caulked, we then primed it and gave it 2 coats of paint.

The room looks great, saved some money and gave the room a huge facelift.

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