FENG SHUI: Simply Defined

Last week I made a call to Joan Scheib of Joan Scheib Interiors. We get calls about different types of interior design styles and what Feng Shui is. I have no clue so I called Joan. She is passionate about taking the ordinary and Creating Extraordinary Living Through Inspired Design!

Feng Shui is simply a way to evaluate and improve how you live, work and play. It has helped people balance the relationship between their living spaces and the natural world for over six thousand years. It is an ancient art of placement for both your interior and exterior environments and is based on the flow of energy or “chi” through the universe and personal surroundings.  Chi, defined as “life’s breathe, circulates throughout your daily environments and helps you achieve a quality of life to which you aspire and helps you realize your dreams both at work and at home.

The Chinese characters that represent the words “Feng Shui” literally translate to “wind” and “water” to create the gentle flowing energy in your environment.  The rooms and spaces you inhabit influence your well-being and the opportunities in life every day.

Feng Shui defines techniques to strengthen the positive energy in your surroundings and to create peace and happiness, offer you health and motivation to realize your aspirations. Feng Shui is not only the proper placement of items, furnishings, the clearing of clutter, and the selection of color and symbols, but it is also a way of life.

There are many tips to create immediate and positive changes in your life.  By bringing vibrant energy into your environment through the symbols of beauty, love, success, and bounty, your home or office become an example of the life you want to live and result in your aspirations being fulfilled.

If you have any questions this is what you can have: a 2-hour consultation to provide feedback to give better insight into the ways to enhance your space and life through the use of the Feng Shui method.

Please visit her website or call to make an appointment today, 630-981-7442, Joan Scheib, www.joanscheibinteriors.com


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