This is a question we get asked at least twice a week from potential customers, existing clients and people that call us for help. Semi-gloss paint is a very durable finish that is used in places like doors, trim, bathrooms, cabinets, or kitchens.

When it is time to repaint that surface it is not much different from preparing any other wall surface. What color are you going to use? What finish are you going to paint with? Those need to be answered first. Any semigloss surface will first have to be cleaned. After it is cleaned you will need to scuff it with sandpaper. If you are using the same color you can start to paint.  If you are going to paint another color, it may require you to use a primer first. There are some paints that say they are a paint and primer in one- READ THE LABEL! Some of these paint will still tell you to use a bonding primer before using their products.

Hope this helps!! Happy painting.