We are a cabinet painting company as part of our overall services of the paint industry. Our favorite part of what we do is cabinet painting. With cabinet painting, one of the top questions we are asked is- What colors can I paint my cabinets? So let’s answer that question for you.

Where should I go to get colors for my cabinets?

if you are buying cabinets, especially from a big box store, you will have several options;

  • Stock colors
  • stock stains
  • custom stains
  • customer colors
cherry cabinets painted white

Once you decide to get custom colors, you limit who can do the work, where you can get the cabinets from, how long it will take to get the cabinets, and if you can even get touch up paints for your cabinets.

However when your painting your cabinets we tell our customers that you can go to any big box store, or paint store and select the colors you want. If you found a custom color from someone, as long as we have sample – we can get it matched.- So with us, you can select the color you want to have your cabinets painted.

Are there any colors I cant use when painting cabinets?

We typically say, that you can have your cabinets painted any color you want. Well here is the but.. the very select few colors we cannot use, are the bright whites from Home Depot. I m not sure why, exactly, but it has something to do with the base paint formulas and the type and color or tints being used by Home depot. There bright white colors are like trying to watch someone with a tan, talk with ulta bright venners on their teeth. (thing George Hamilton)- yikes!! You can see some of the most popular colors here..

That really is the restriction of selecting paint colors.

Is it true I can’t wash painted black or dark cabinets?

I don’t know where this question is coming from, and i don’t quite understand it either. Cleaning dark cabinets is not different than cleaning lighter colored ones. Cleaninf darker colors is trickier, as residue will leave behind white marks. I also have to say, Washing is a vague term. If you are asking to power wash your cabients- then the answer is no. If you are wanting to get a sponge with hot soapy water to wash down your cabinets then again the answer it no. Can you clean them with something else? Well- Yeah! Washing wood or painted cabinets is just like taking care of a wood floor, too mush water or chemicals will damage the finish.

We tell people to use either Boma or a 50/50 solution of vinegar and water. Both are safe for the surfaces, wont void a warranty- (read the labels – some cleaners are listed by the paint/finshes makers are items that void the warranty of their product).

Other questions about painted cabinets?

Short and sweet blog post, to the point, as You see, the above video is about top 3 questions regarding painted cabinets. If you have other questions you would like us it answer for you- let us know how we can help!