Even though the snow may be flying this is a perfect time to get a good look at the exterior of your home. With the dryer precipitation, you can see the condition of your home.

Do you have wood/cedar/lap type siding? If so what does it look like? You need to look at the joints to make sure they have not gaped, make sure there are not any knot holes, and finally really look at it see if it looks dried out. How does it feel? If your siding is rough to the touch, you get white residue on your hand or you get pieces of the siding coming off and you touch it, you should have us take a look. Do you like the color? Now that you have the time to think about it, what color would you really like?

Do you have aluminum or vinyl siding? If it is chalky or pasty looking it could benefit from a power washing. If it is peeling or has oxidized it is time for new paint, no need to replace it.

From Siding to trim, decks to patios, we can get you what you need.