Man that is a mouth full right? When we get a phone call or email about house painting we tend to get several questions that almost everyone asks about house painting. If your not sure about color, cost or prep needed to paint your home here is a starting place for you. So lets dive into the Most common questions about painting a house you should know. These are also common painting problems- so read on!

Hell Everyone, I am David Cook, owner of Dfranco Painting and Wallpaper in Huntley, IL. We help people painting the interior and exterior of their homes. We can also help with staining homes and decks as well. (dont forget our cabinet painting and wallpaper services).

Our painting services extend to most of the Chicago land Fox Valley Area including Algonquin, Crystal Lake, Carpentersville, Barrington, Bartlett and south Elgin.

How much will it cost to paint my house?

The number 1 question people want to know is the cost to paint. While we can give some general idea, we cannot say exact. We charge a minimun of $600 for our painters to go to a home.

It sounds expensive we know. When you add in liability insurance, workmans comp, unemployment insurance, materials, gas and paint, it adds up fast. We also want to make sure our painters are making a fair and good wage to provide for their families.

If you have a 2 story foyer you can expect to pay anywhere from $1200 and up. Final cost to paint your foyer will depend on the over all size.

Here is an article we wrote about whole house painting..

What kind of paint do you use?

We use Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore paints. These are easy to get, as there is a store of each right next to each other in Huntley. These are high quality paint.

Interior paint can vary in sheen form one brand to another. Paint colors are also unique to each paint manufacturer. So looking at different brands for your paint job is wise.

Does it matter what sheen I pick?

Paint Sheen is how shiney a paint is. Each sheen of paint can have a different price. Every Sheen has its own unique properties and value.

Flat paint is great for ceilings. Flat hides imperfections of the surfaces being painted. Flat paintis also easy to touch up. Some Interior Designers also like flat paint as it shows the color to its truest form.

Higher sheen like eggshell satin and semi gloss are more reflective. The reflection of the paint can look great. Keep in mind the more reflection paint has the more issues you can see. These issues may be nics, scrapes, dust, dirt, nail pops, or cracks in the wall.

For bathroom painting, there are specific paints to use. These paints vary in sheen as well, so the type of paint is more important than the sheen being used.

How long will it take to paint my house?

Each room of the house will vary in the time needed to paint. When it comes to the Most common questions about painting a house you should know this is the hardest question to answer. Your paint project may have Issues such as:

  • Size of the room determines how long it will take to paint
  • Painting walls only vs painting ceilings and trim affects the time needed
  • How many rooms are we painting
  • How much surface prep is needed?
  • Do we need to repair interior walls before painting?
  • How much furniture is there that we need to work around
  • How many coats of paint we need to use
  • The height of a wall affects how long we need for painting
  • Humidity affects the dry time of paint surface for exterior painting and interior painting

What do I need to move before you paint?

We do move some furniture items. To make is easy we use furniture gliders. Some things we cannot move:

  • TV’s from walls
  • you need to completly remove fragile items
  • valuables- high end paintings for example
  • cabinets or furniture with knick knacks on them
  • pianos
  • Appliances**. (water line or gas line hook ups can break or leak)

Will you fix nail holes from pictures?

This question is probalbly the number 2 question but it varies. If we see a hole we fill it, it there is a nail (unless you say other wise) we fill it.

Are you insured or bonded to paint?

Great Question!! This is one of the reasons we are typiclly more expesive painters. Work compensaton and liabilty can accout for 12-20% of the cost to paint your house.

It is important to know the painters in your home are proberly insured! If a painter is hurt in your home- what will happen?. If somethng is broke how will it be replaced? What happens if there is a paint failure – usually on a exterior- how will it get fixed.

We do not get into bonds- as that typically refers to government projects.

Last but not least is Employee or Subs

For many years we prided on having family members and full time employees as our work force. Family members went to other types of work. Covid changed our workforce.

We struggled with using Subcontracotor painters. It was to our detriment and yours we dis not hire independent or subcontracors sooner. We have found these paint contractors love what they do, are efficient and offer us more opportunity to serve you better.

Most of our subs have all of their owne tools and equiptment, and for exterior work that is a huge advantage. Not having to rent tall ladders to reach tall exterior surfaces saves you money!

As with any full time painter we hire, all of the subs we use also are back round checked. We want you to feel confident in the people that are coming to your home.

Do you have other questions about painting?

The Most common questions about painting a house you should know as we have them here are from our customers. Do you have other painting concern or questions- let us know! We are here to see how we can help you as best we can.