Are you considering painting Red walls and white trim?

Then you will like today’s post!

What color red do you have in mind? Something like this?

painting red walls - lake geneva

Well, this house had some neutral colors when we arrived (they didn’t stay very long).

Painting walls red can be tricky when using cheap paint or when painting over other colors. For this project, we used Aura paint.  Aura is a high-end paint made by Benjamin Moore. It covers over almost any other color (almost because I haven’t found one it doesn’t work on yet).

For the trim, we sanded and de-glossed all the trim. We had to caulk the gaps where needed then fill all nail holes. To make sure we had a solid surface to paint over- we primed with Stix bonding primer.  Once primed we painted 2 coats of Advance waterborne paint.

The walls were sanded smooth.  Two coats of Aura were applied, and once dried it was perfect!

Doors were the last thing we painted. All of the doors were taken off-site to spray.

You can see the progress and final look:

It is a quick blog but you can see the steps involved. If you have questions on getting your foyer painted you can give us call or set up an estimate.

We want to see how we can help you love the house you live in!