What do you have in your Kitchen as a Backsplash? Are you looking at straight paint? Do you have monochrome tiles? How about wallpaper? In the Kitchen, we get many challenges on what a customer can do to spruce things up. Wood cabinets can be cleaned down, re-stained or maybe they can be glazed with another color. Adding new hardware to the doors, drawers and cabinets make a huge difference. Then there is the backsplash. It gets the most abuse. Next, to the cabinets, it is the 2nd most viewed area of your kitchen.

If you already have tile but do not like the color or style of the tiles, we can not only change the look of the tile, but we can repaint them, change the look, feel and color of the tiles.

If you have wallpaper-get rid of it and update it. You can update with simple paint but why not make it unique, make it something that is all yours, something that no one else has. With the use of the numerous plasters, hundreds of colors, and protective finishes, your choices are only limited by your imagination. We can help you find what you want.

Get a kitchen makeover this spring!