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Scratches on the Wood Top

Do have scratches on your wood furniture? Scratches on wood can be difficult to remove. Keep reading and see how we can help you make your furniture look new.

 After seeing the scratches on the wood top in this photo, we had to tackle how to repair the scratch. Shallow wood scratches can be hard to repair. It can be hard to get patching materials to stick.

Repairing Scratches in Wood

cabinet refinishing geneva - cabinet refinishers

What We Use to Fix Wood Scratches

The materials used for this repair were hot wax sticks. The sticks are hard waxes that when melt, adhere to wood surfaces.

To start we have to clean the wood tops with Denatured Alcohol. Then we use a sandpaper that helps materials adhere to the surface. For this project, we used 400 grit sandpaper.

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Adding Wax to Scratches in Wood

Using the different colors, we match the colors to the wood. The tool we used was a hot knife, this melts the wax into the scratch.

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We Are Sealing the Wood Surface

Here we are using a sealer to make sure the repairs blend into the previous finish.

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Using a Razor Blade, We Scrape the Surface Smooth

By using a razor blade, we scrape the surface clean and flat. This creates a flat uniform area that blends perfectly with the existing wood surface.

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Clear coat applied with spray applicator

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Scratches are Gone!

After the clear coat is dry, the scratch is gone!

Here is a short video of the repair:

We come across many people that get frustrated with the looks of their damaged wood counters and furniture pieces. We offer an easy way to restore and make things look new again! Repairing scratches in wood is what we do!

Give us a call at 847-553-1726  to see how we can help you love the house you live in.

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