Hand painted murals?

They have taken a back seat to the wallpaper peel and stick images I did the last few years. This week, however, we are able to show the mural project we completed for a client in Elgin, IL. Wallpaper has its place, but nothing beats a hand-painted mural on the wall. We were given one photo and license to paint away. So we did.

1st day of a mural, airbrushing clouds using a projector, we lay out the buildings from the picture we were given by our client blocking in color and scenery of mural the end of the day, with coloring in the mural background colors, shading in shadows, coloring bricks, adding foreground trees third day of mural painting and we are getting more detailed foreground adding the vineyards in the front of the image adding shadows and deeper colors for depth of greenery.


tuscan wall mural - wall art geneva

More shadows and now adding the haze seen from the images provided

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tuscan wall mural - wall art st. charles

Framing out the mural to repaint the wall



tuscan wall mural - wall art elgin

The wall color repainted to frame out the mural

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wall art geneva - wall decor geneva

Removal of tape, now we start adding stonework



wall art st. charles - wall decor st. charles

Brick stones are measured and we mask the edges of the mural

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wall art geneva - wall decals geneva

Using the airbrush, we start adding shadows and highlights of stonework


wall art elgin- tuscan painted mural

Tape is all removed, all is shaded, mural with a stone frame on the wall

So from start to finish, we have taken several images as we progressed from idea to finished product. The client really made this project as perfect as I have ever had a mural go. They had not just an idea but they had several images for us to really get the look, style, and overall feel of the result they were looking for.  After the mural was painted, we put a clear coat of modern masters on it to protect it. Then we glazed the entire room to really pull in to color tones and get that old world look.

If you have time, you can go over to our YouTube channel, D’franco Painting & Wallpaper and you can see a few videos we posted about doing this project as well.

What kind of mural are you looking for? Chicago Cubs mural? Maybe a Blackhawks Mural? Your kids playing their favorite sport? Check out the murals we already did for other clients!

Give us a call and we will see how we may be able to serve you best.

God Bless,