Are you considering refinishing a bathroom vanity?

If you are remodeling, moving into a new home, or just tired of the look of the vanity cabinets in your home, this blog is a quick before and after and what it takes to do it on your own or how you can reach us if it is something you are not ready to tackle.

While working in one of our last home redecorating projects, (with the help of  VARA design) the task was to refinish the bathroom vanity. New fixtures already in place, new granite installed, but the color of the vanity was not what the customers wanted not fit the new style of the home. So we had to do some cabinet refinishing.

bathroom vanity - cabinet refinishing - geneva

Vanity and walls needing to be refinished.

First up, paint!

The walls being red, the first thing on the agenda was to paint the walls.

  • We first removed all towel bars, toilet paper holders, mirrors, outlet/switch plate covers, and wall lights.
  • Then we taped off the wood floor to protect it from any drips, accidental drips, as well as make clean up easy when we started sanding walls and the vanity.
  • All of the walls were sanded, and small picture hanger holes were repaired.
  • Once sanded, we dusted the walls with a wet rag and allowed them to dry.
  • Then, we applied two coats of light grey paint.

With the walls down, we moved to the vanity cabinet to repaint it.

Painting a bathroom vanity

painting a bathroom vanity

Grey walls and vanity refinishing in progress.

How to paint a vanity

The vanity was:

  • Stripped of all hardware
  • Removed all doors and drawers
  • Cleaned with an all-purpose cleaner such as simple green TSP
  • We masked off the granite
  • Sanded all paintable surfaces with 220-grit sandpaper
  • Then, the sanded areas were cleaned with a wet rag, allowed to dry, and wiped again with denatured alcohol.
  • A coat of bonding primer was added (I like Duralac cabinet primer)
  • Paint color was added (the same color as the walls, but we used cabinet-grade paint)

Once we painted the vanity and all its parts, we were reminded that the glazing needed to be done. So we broke out the glaze tinted as directed by the folks at VARA Design and set to glazing. Once dry, we added our favorite clear coat by Modern Masters. We have completed cabinet refinishing.

refinishing bathroom vanity - dfranco painting

The bathroom vanity was refinished!

We added the drawers, hardware, outlet covers, and lights with everything dry, removed the tape, and took a picture. It is exactly what the client asked for. This project cost about 800 dollars, including materials and work.

So, what do you need refinishing? Kitchen cabinets? Furniture? Maybe a vanity of your own.

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