Have you ever tried panels of wallpaper, specifically grasscloth wallpaper panels? This is a simple but a great way to bring character to any room.

With this clients designer (Jans’ Design in Geneva, IL) some great grasscloth wallpaper was selected for us to install. A grasscloth to work with the existing colors of the room. The first day is always the toughest as we had to measure out the room to fit the layout design. With the use of a laser level, tape measure and a roll of tape we were armed and ready to install.

grasscloth wallpaper - wall art geneva

Wallpaper panel layout on dining room wall

After getting things where they needed to be we masked off the wall then primed the areas to be wallpapered and installed the clients grasscloth.

grasscloth wallpaper - wall art geneva

3 panels for a dining room wall

With the wallpaper installed now, we moved onto the decorative trim. Originally we painted the trim an off-white to match the ceiling but once up, it just stuck out too much. With the trained eye of Jan, a new color was selected, then she picked a glaze color to match the grasscloth wallpaper.

grasscloth wallpaper - wall art geneva

3 wallpaper panels with decorative trim painted with the original color

grasscloth wallpaper - wall art geneva

Panels with the new color and trim glazed to match the grasscloth

grasscloth wallpaper - wall art geneva

A single panel image











With everything installed, we took one close up to show the wall covering, trim, and glaze.  All is well, great color choice! We look forward to our next project with Jan, (you should too).

grasscloth wallpaper - wall art geneva

Close up image of the grasscloth wallpaper panel installed with the glazed trim

We also took a short video of how we glazed the trim should you want to see that as well.

Please let us know what you think if you have any questions or would like to schedule an estimate. 847-553-1726

God Bless, David