As we constantly emerge, grow and adapt our business, we have been getting calls to hang mural wallpaper. After saying no many times, I relented and said yes to a friend who needed some help. It seemed easy enough, overlapping edges to line up the seams, no glue, and “easily repositionable”.

It was a larger wall so we set out measured the walls, got our starting point, made our straight lines for our guide and broke out the ladder. It seemed easy until I found out how thin the material was. somewhat sturdy but stretchy. The adhesive was forgiving and did allow to reposition on the wall. It did not forgive scuff marks on the wall, it did not like any abrasive contact (left marks), and was not forgiving when working around outlets.

The picture was too blurry too. for what they paid, it should have been more clear. But it was blurry, which looked fine from a distance, not up close to it.

Bottom line, we could have painted a scene we created, they wanted, cheaper with better durability than what they ordered online. (that the neighbor or dentist office can buy as well)