Are you on the fence about wallpaper? You do not have to use wallpaper on every wall in your house. You can use wallpaper as an accent wall!

As the popular color is still the grey tones, there are a unlimited amounts of commercial and residential wallpaper you can use on on wall of your bathroom, bedroom, living room or hallway to make your room pop with flare!

Paint does change the look of a home, but wallpaper changes the feel.

Accent Wallpaper Ideas

bedroom accent wallpaper

Bedroom accent wall

living room accent wallpaper

living room accent wall

dining room accent wallpaper

Dining room accent wall

accent wallpaper ceiling

accent wallpaper ceiling

Working with great designers or wallpaper retailers such as J.C. Licht can make a the task of selection easy.  Most companies can get you nice size samples to look at, have fast shipping, and great return and customer service departments incase there are issues with the wallpaper.

Most of the wallpaper installers that we associate with through the Wallcovering Installers Association are 2-3 weeks booked at any given time of year.  I would love to tell you all you need to do is call us, but sometimes we cannot get there in time for you. Using the WIA website and the find an installer feature is great! You will find other trained, insured, and reputable installers that guarantee their work.

Do you have questions on using wallpaper as an accent wall? Please let us know, we are here to help you love the home you live in.