From the Paint and paper Podcast- What is wallpaper?

If you haven’t heard, we have a podcast!  The paint and paper podcast.

In our latest episode, we tackle the question: what is wallpaper? Here are the highlights in case you missed the episode. (Check out the link to the show below)

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Today, we’re going to tackle a word that almost everyone has heard of- The word is wallpaper. We have future guests that will be on our blog and podcast to talk about wallpaper more depth but for now I really kind of want to dive into the subject of wallpaper!

Wallpaper 101

Let’s get you some of the lingo, terms, and definitions so as we talk about wallpaper you have a better understanding what we’re talking about. When I say wallpaper- There are only two reactions and it’s either love it or hate it. People will come up to us and say I love how it looks or I love how it feels. But then you have almost as many people will say I hate it. Those reactions are almost always because of a bad experience.

Personally-I was never was a fan of it because I used to have to take wallpaper off walls and taking it off was always a horrible job when it wasn’t done right. And that is usually the reason most people don’t like wallpaper. Walls can be ruined due to improper installation.

I would encourage you to not think of wallpaper a bad word. Because if you had a bad experience with it it’s usually because it was a bad installation. Just keep that in mind when it comes to wallpaper.

So, what is wallpaper? Wallpaper is anything that can stick to a wall. Wallpaper has exploded lately in its use. It’s not limited to your home anymore. So where are people putting it? We see it in kitchens, bathrooms, ceilings, even covering furniture with wallpaper!

What kind of wallpapers are out there?

  • You have wallpaper that is actual paper, fabric, silk, cotton, fabrics blends, plastic, vinyl to name a few- but they’re all considered a wallpaper.
  •  Commercial vinyl has become very popular. It’s big! 54 inches wide! It’s heavy, washes and stands up to heavy use very well. It is usually the stuff you saw at the doctor’s office.
  • Another type is digital graphics. What people are doing with digital graphics is amazing. Taking photo images and having them printed to put on a wall.
  • There is also paper made from grass- and called grasscloth. It usually comes from overseas and it’s actually reeds of grass that are weaved together and put on your wall. It’s really cool stuff.

Aside from types of wallpaper-you have to consider sizes. Usually, it comes in 20 and a half, 27 inches, 30 inches, 36 inches and finally 54 inches. These are the more popular sizes. But depending on where it’s made and who’s making it the size of that can vary.  When you are looking at a wallpaper, pay attention to how wide it is- that determines how much you’re going to need.

Roll of wallpaper? Yep- wallpaper comes in rolls. The Roll size can get tricky. You have single rolls, Double rolls, metric rolls and you can also buy by the yard.

Where you purchase it? Usually, you’re working with a designer. There are local paint stores to purchase, online stores or your local wallpaper installer will work with you to find out where to buy and how much you are going to have to buy.

If you’re having a wallpaper installed in your home know who’s doing it how they’re doing it. Make sure they are following the manufacturer instructions.

As we provide you information about wallpaper- we are really looking to empower you to make the best decision possible for decorating dollars. We want you excited! You should be happy and want you to want to do this again in five 10 years down the road because you had a good experience with what you chose and the people you had do the work for you.

We want you to be happy with the house that you live in.

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