So you want to know how much will it cost to wallpaper a room?

If you are considering wallpaper in your home, this is probably the most pressing question you have, besides to cost of the wallpaper itself.  We are asked this question as well as is wallpaper back almost daily. You can read about “Is Wallpaper Back” here. With all of the wallpapers available to you to install, the last thing you need to stress over is the cost of the wallpaper installation. So, we will try to give you an easy answer to help you with your upcoming wallpaper project.

Wallpaper installation cost depends on the paper and the location

What does location have to do with cost? All of our customers live in the Chicagoland area but I have to clarify that where you live will also will affect the final cost of installation. Customers that live Downtown Chicago where we have to worry about parking, cost to park, restrictions on when the work can be done in their building, etc. will have the cost to install affected by those circumstances. While those that live in the suburbs have fewer restrictions on when we can work, and we usually park 50 feet from their front door.

Location also means what room in the house, or what wall in the house you are having the wallpaper installed in. Where are you installing wallpaper?

As we ask the question of location, we have to consider two other questions: What special wallpaper tools will be needed in that install as well as how much time will be needed for the install. Large foyers and ceilings may need scaffolding. Bathrooms with toilets, pedestal sinks, light fixtures, fixed mirrors, towel holders all mean more time to cut or maneuver wallpaper for the installation process

Other Factors

The other factor is the type of wallpaper you are selecting to have installed.

  • How wide is the wallpaper?
  • Does the wallpaper need to be hand trimmed or is it factory trimmed?
  • Are there restrictions to the adhesive needed for the wallpaper being selected?
  • Is the wallpaper a delicate fabric or material such as silk?
  • Does the wallcovering need a lining paper to be installed prior to the wallpaper itself?

There is no way I can identify every scenario of the type of wallpaper and specific installation costs, but I hope by highlighting some of the questions we ask, that you will have a better idea and understanding of what to expect when you consider wallpaper installation for your home.

Now let’s get to the cost of your wallpaper project!

For those of you that live in the Chicagoland area, you are fortunate to have JC Licht paint and wallpaper stores. These stores have great selections and people to help with the selection process. We preface this because they will help you get the information we need to give you an accurate cost to install your wallpaper.

  • Where is the wallpaper being installed?
  • Do you have a wallpaper selected?
  • Who is the manufacturer?
  • What is the pattern number?
  • Has the room been measured already?
  • Is there a pattern repeat and has that repeat been calculated into the amount of wallpaper needed?

Without this basic information, we cannot give you an estimate. If you need the room to be measured, then give us a call and lets set up a time to do so. Once you have all of this information, then you can email it to us, call us or text us with a picture of the rooms being wallpapered, and we can give you a pretty close cost.

What can I expect to pay?

Here are a few past projects and the cost to install them. The cost includes the walls being sanded, primed, adhesive, and any wall repairs needed prior to install

cost to wallpaper a room

Here was small hallway that was wallpapered. This room was a $380 install.

hvac vent wallpapered wall

This room required a HVAC vent to be wallpapered as well

wallpaper laundry room

This Master closet and laundry room wallpaper had a tricky repeat pattern that we had to match around the outside walls but also inside the closet walls. This room was a $640 install due to wall repairs as well as extra trimming the wallpaper required prior to install.

wallpaper angles curves

This historic home wallpaper install was just over $700 due to plaster walls, the angles, curves, different adhesive and primers

Now it is your turn to have the wallpaper you want installed!

Our process is simple.

  1. Find the wallpaper you want
  2. Call/text/email us the where and what wallpaper you are installing
  3. Get a written quote that details what we will do and how much.
  4. RELAX and get ready to enjoy your transformation!

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