Advance Urethane vs Waterborne Laquer

November 1, 2023 | Written by David

If you are thinking of painting your cabiets- then one of the buzz words is Advance Urathane paint. Advance is a Urethane based product that is a great product. The other cabient paint- not often seen or heard but used for cabients is called waterborne lacquer. These two paints are…


Why does it cost so much to paint Oak trim?

October 31, 2023 | Written by David

In the world of home improvement, there exists an often underestimated hero and villian: the oak trim. Oak trim, with its classic charm and timeless appeal, has the power to elevate the aesthetics of any living space or make it look outdated or old. Transforming this type of wood into…


How much will it cost to paint a room?

December 1, 2023 | Written by David

If you are here, you want to know how much it will cost to paint a room in your home or office. This question (how much it will cost to paint a room) is one we receive regularly. There are some variations to geving a cost to paint a room,…

  • Painting Kitchen Cabinets Dark Colors

    November 10, 2023 | Written by David

    Do you have Cherry cabinets in your home? Are you ready for something different? Have you considered painting your cabinets instead of replacing them? Painting Kitchen cabinets in dark Colors can be a bold and dramatic choice. Lets take a peek at some of our latest projects, so you can…

  • Using Wallpaper and Paint together

    November 9, 2023 | Written by David

    Have you ever walked into a room and felt an instant sense of peace? We have been told that One of the secrets behind creating cozy space lies in using wallpaper and paint together . By pairing these two elements, you can transform any room into a space you will…

  • Best Paint for Ceilings

    November 8, 2023 | Written by David

    Selecting the Best paint for Ceilings is a matter of matching the paint properties to the type of ceiling and the effect you desire. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you make the best choice: flat paint on ceilings What sheen should I use to paint my ceilings? Most Designers,…

  • How Much Does It Cost to Install Wallpaper in the Chicago Area?

    November 6, 2023 | Written by David

    As we were working last week doing a wallpaper installation, we received a call asking for a price to install wallpaper in a bathroom. The customer asked us several questions about our pricing. We in turn had to ask the customer a few questions such as: What are the dimensions…

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